at MSPO Kielce

Sep 10, 2019 | Offtopic

Military exhibition in Kielce has come to a close. Many technical innovations for the defense industry has been presented there. Among them, our solution to generate electricity. Self-sustaining power generator in the form of sea container.

Mobile Solar Generator for military purposes.

Our reliance on electricity is bigger than ever. We use electric devices on a daily basis. Each area of the industry depends on it. For the military, it is particularly important. Reliable power delivery is crucial in remote camps, especially in conflict zones. Because our generator uses solar energy, it is fully independent of fuel deliveries.

Exhibition in Kielce has been a great opportunity to showcase our solution. We’ve met many potential customers and business partners. Despite the location of our stand (outside of the exhibition hall) many visitors decided to visit our stand. They learned about the many benefits of our solution.

Most importantly, that container-based system is easy to use and transport. On the outside, it’s just an ordinary container which means it can be easily shipped anywhere in the world. Fast preparation is possible, thanks to the auto-folding system. One person is able to quickly fold the panels in case of emergency. Power required to unfold the PV’s on-site can be generated during transport.