SunBOX M – mobile solar farm in the sea container.

A mobile solar farm is ideal for people looking for efficient and practical solutions. The system is designed for quick disassembly, without any power supply. Just unload the container from the truck and use the car to prepare the solar power plant to work.

Fast unfolding the PV farm.

The rails for extending the solar panels are easily connected. The process of unfolding the SunBOX M can be done using a car. A piece of level ground is all you need to prepare this unit to work.

How it working video.

See the animation that shows how to unfold the SunBOX M. After unfolding, the container can be taken anywhere.

The main benefits of SunBOX 360.

Up to 360 m2 solar panels area.

It is our largest solar product that makes the most of the surface of a sea container. Such a PV surface will meet the requirements of the most demanding customers.

Easy in use and transport.

Every unit comes in a form of a standard sea container. This attitude makes it a really versatile product. You can easily ship it to any location in the world. In order to improve container mobility, we recommend additional container lifting jacks.

PV farm wherever you want.

Mobile PV farm opens up new possibilities in the areas with limited access to electricity. Easy transport combined with ease of use makes it a perfect solution to satisfy energy needs in remote areas.

This project is on hold

Due to the huge interest in our other industries, we had to hold until further notice.

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