Mobile constructions for PV.

Our solar containers give new possibilities to utilize PV panels. Solar power is of course available everywhere. Our solution is able to utilize it in any location. You don’t need a team of expert technicians to prepare our mobile power station. An only one trained person can do it in less than 30 minutes.


Sun tracking system.

In order to get the most out of your panels, containers comes with an optional solar tracking system. Constant alignment with the sun is possible thanks to the set of sensors. The entire system operates for prolonged periods of time without constant supervision.


Hydraulic systems.

Hydraulics is a key point of this design. Engineered by experts in specialized mobile constructions. As a result, we can create the most advanced yet reliable hydraulic system. Hydraulics can run entirely on internal power. In addition, recharging during transport is also possible.


Up to 75 kWp.*

Power output solely depends on installed PVs. The SunBOX M frame can accommodate up to 180 solar panels.  Most noteworthy, frame design enables easy replacement and upgrade of PVs in the future.

* Depends on installed panels.


Mobile solar containers – portable PV power stations ready in 25 minutes*.

As mentioned before, our container doesn’t require any assembly on site. Operation is conducted via convenient levers. The remote controller is available as an option. Thanks to the lifting jacks, that are available separately, you can easily unload the container from the truck without the need to use the crane.

See solar container – SunBOX 35A in action.

Check out the video below to see the Mobile Solar Container preparation and unfolding process.

This project is on hold

Due to the huge interest in our other industries, we had to hold until further notice.

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