Enhanced mobility of solar container

Oct 21, 2019 | Offtopic

The most important feature of the solar containers is the ability to move them around easily. Container-based design allows for easy transport on sea and land. Our mobile power plant can only be unfolded while placed safely on the ground. That means that you need some truck mounted crane or heavy forklift to offload it. We offer an alternative approach. Dedicated container lifting jacks for easy loading and unloading on site.

Moving your PV’s around.

Mobile Solar Container is a large piece of equipment. It needs to accommodate a significant number of PV’s in order to generate enough power. Additional lifting legs helps to quickly unload the container from the truck and begin the unfolding of solar arrays. In the standard version, lifting jacks are able to lift about 32t. which is way more than the weight of the container itself. This ensures absolute safety during unloading and leaves a safe margin for operation.
The entire system is designed to be reliable and easy to use. It consists of four lifting legs and a central control unit. It can be controlled via set of levers or remotely thanks to the optional remote controller. Lifting height up to 1.4 m allows to safely drive out the trailer from under the container. In order to further improve flexibility, we offer gasoline as well as electric driven version. No need for external power is very important in remote locations where solar container is intended to use.

Multiple application of container lifting jacks

Our solution is designed for use with shipping containers up to 32 t. Perfect solution to offload cargo containers in various locations, especially in areas with limited space. You can learn more details about this product on the website dedicated to our container lifting solutions.