SunBOX 35A – mobile solar container.

This container is created to achieve the highest level of efficiency. Thanks to its solar tracking system, it always keeps the PV panels properly oriented. This solution lets you avoid any significant power drops during the day thus get the most out of your panels. Thanks to its robust hydraulics containers are always ready to unfold the panels within minutes. Convenient levers makes it even easier to operate for only one person. Mobile Solar Container is also a great storage option for PV panels while not in use


Automatic hydraulic systems.

It wouldn’t be possible to create such a convenient system without the highest quality hydraulics. The entire system is designed by our engineers with long-standing experience in special mobile constructions. Most noteworthy, every unit is carefully tested to ensure trouble-less operation.


Operate SunBOX 35A in 4 steps.

Our mobile solar containers are safe and easy to use. We provide comprehensive training in our warehouse before delivery. Every unit comes with detailed instruction. Check the four easy steps below to better understand how it works.


Unloading container from truck.

In order to operate, place the container on the ground. Be careful not to damage the container. We recommend the use of our dedicated container lifting jacks.

PV panels lifting by a press of a button.

Before lifting the panels, make sure that the container is safely placed on the firm ground. It is necessary to check it’s level.

Unfolding PV by another button.

Use the levers inside of the Mobile Solar Container to lift, open and extend solar arrays. Before you do it, make sure that there are no obstacles around.

Set the perfect position.

You can use manual control to set the arrays in the right direction. Optional tracking system will automatically track the sun to always keep them in the right position.

Check how easy it is.

Check out our latest video to learn more about this convenient and future-proof solution.

Technical information about this mobile solar container.

Here you can find some of the technical details about SunBox 35A. More details available via the contact form on the bottom of this site.

Up to 140 m2 PV area.

Our Mobile Solar Containers are available in two versions, 20’ and 40’. The bigger version offers vast solar area up to 140m2.

One person in 15 minutes.

It is really that fast to prepare the container. It is especially useful in bad weather when you can quickly fold the panels to prevent any potential damage.

Sun tracking and auto-folding systems.

In order to maintain the optimum performance, container is equipped with sun tracking system. Thanks to this solution, you can leave the container in one position.

Place for battery and inverters inside.

Enough room inside of the container allows to install all the necessary batteries and inverters. Container can be sold as a turnkey solution or construction only.

Transporting mobile solar container.

One of the key benefits of putting the solar array into the container is mobility. You can simply transport this unit into even the most remote locations and start to harvest energy within minutes.

SunBOX 35A at InterSolar and MSPO fairs in 2019.

This year we’ve been showcasing our solution during two international tradeshows. Our container turned out to be very popular during both events.

Ask for price.

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