Other advanced mobile solutions

Aug 23, 2019 | Offtopic

Mobile Solar Container is one of our most advanced projects to date. It’s not the only product in our offer with a sophisticated structure design. Long before the idea to create a Solar Container emerged, we’ve already been building complex machines like LED containers.

Solar container based on expierience

Our idea to create the Mobile Power plant was a huge engineering challenge right from the start. In order the deal with a project this big a lot of technical expertise and experience is necessary. As it happens, our engineers are already experts in special mobile constructions.
Before we even began to think about Solar Container, we already had multiple mobile LED screens manufactured. It’s been created to improve LED screen transport and handling during live events. This products are already very popular. We have customers all around the world.

Projects similar to Mobile Solar Container.

In case of our products for the AV industry, we have something that is comparable to the Mobile Power plant. LED Containers are among our biggest screens ever made. These units share some of the design characteristics with our Solar construction. Both are based on containers (although different). The supportive mast is also similar and it’s design principles are roughly the same. Every container is equipped with the frame on top. That is where LED modules or PV panels (In case of Solar) are installed.

Many of the ideas implemented into the Solar Container has been originally developed for the LED containers. That ensures that despite being a new design, our Solar is already based on the proven ideas.

Below you can check how easy it is to prepare the LED Container. It is a common feature among our products, that every device leaving our factory is designed to be as easy to use as possible.