Self-unloading mobile Solar Container.

Our Solar Containers are designed in a way to maximize ease of operation. It’s not only meant to transport PVs but also to unfold them on site. It is based on a 20’ sea container. The efficient hydraulic system helps quickly prepare the Solar to work. Because of their construction, our containers offer unmatched flexibility and mobility. Great protection for the sensitive solar arrays against storms, vandalism, and all kinds of possible threats.

Mobile solar containers application visuals.

Solar arrays inside of a container are applicable in a number of ways. Constant improvements in PV technology make it a great, future-proof solution. Below you can find just a few examples of the possible applications.

Desert camps

The abundance of sunlight in the deserts makes solar-powered systems the most obvious choice in these areas. The container’s folding system can quickly stow the panels in case of sandstorm thus prevent any potential damage.

Armed forces

The perfect solution to supply energy to all sorts of military bases and conflict zones. A great alternative to standard diesel generators. Once deployed, runs indefinitely without the need to supply fuel.

Oil and gas exploration

Petroleum companies often operate in distant locations with limited access to grid power. This is where a mobile solar containers can act as an additional power source to run the equipment.

Construction sites

The portable power source that can be transported by a truck is especially useful during road building. It ensures constant power delivery in the busiest construction areas.

Humanitarian aid

Good choice for disaster reliefs whenever it is important to deliver electricity as quickly as possible. Applicable for all sorts of refugee camps where it can produce electricity without any disturbing noise or exhaust fumes


It is often a challenging as well as costly task to deliver electricity to the irrigation pumps. Especially difficult in remote locations. Our container comes as a perfect solution to this problem. You can place it in the exact spot where you need it most and begin operation right away.

Types of our mobile solar constructions.

We offer two types of solar containers that differ in design and power output. Besides our flagship, auto-foldable container, we also offer the manual version of this unit.


SunBOX 30A

Solution based on 20′ container. One operator can prepare SunBOX 30A to work by a remote controller.
• Auto folding system
• Place for battery and inverters
• Up to 60 m2 solar area


SunBOX 35A

Our most advanced construction. It is based on a subframe that is controlled by a set of hydraulic actuators and electric motors
• Auto folding system
• Place for battery and inverters
• Up to 70 m2 solar area



Manual folding system with scissor frame that allows for fast and easy deployment. An affordable solution to provide clean energy.
• Manual folding system
• Place for battery and inverters
• Up to 84 m2 solar area

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