SunBOX 30A – mobile PV based on 20′ container.

Mobile PV solution with the dimensions of a 20 ‘container. Thanks to this, you can transport SunBOX 30A on a semi-trailer adapted to transporting containers. This system is equipped with a sun tracking system and a wind sensor. It is possible to install batteries and inverters and to retrofit the SunBOX 30A with an additional power generator, thanks to which your power plant will always be reliable.

Technical information about this mobile PV system.

Our mobile solar containers are safe and easy to use. We provide comprehensive training in our warehouse before delivery. Every unit comes with detailed instruction. Check the four easy steps below to better understand how it works.


Up to 60 m² PV area

The product frame allows you to install 30 PV panels with dimensions of 2 x 1 m.

Even 13.5 kWp

We have made calculations of the generated power based on PV panels – 450W.

Place for battery and inverters inside.

There is enough space inside to install the necessary equipment.

Optional power generator – hybrid.

It is possible to install a power generator, thanks to which the SunBOX 30A will provide a constant supply of energy.


One person in 15 minutes

One person is enough to prepare this product for energy production. A wireless remote control is used for control.


Sun tracking system

The SunBOX 30A is equipped with a two-axis sun tracking system. This makes this device even more efficient.


Wind sensor with alarm

For safety, we offer a wind sensor in the set. The alarm will notify you if there is too much wind.


Stackable on 20’ containers

You can mount the SunBOX 30A on top of a 20′ container. This allows you to have an advanced multi-battery system.

PV system which can be ready to work in 15 minutes.

One operator is able to prepare the SunBOX 30A to work even in 15 minutes. Wireless remote control is used for control, and the entire operation requires only simple training.

This project is on hold

Due to the huge interest in our other industries, we had to hold until further notice.

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