Experience with advanced hydraulic systems.

We are an experienced manufacturer of various hydraulic mobile solutions. Over the years, we have created numerous specialized trailers and containers for our customers all around the world. Every product comes with static calculations to ensure absolute safety.

Years of experience

14 years on the market. Throughout that time, we had the opportunity to build the most unusual mobile constructions. We’ve got the knowledge necessary to deal with even the most complex projects.

Hydraulic machines delivered

More than 260 trailers and containers were delivered. We are paying special attention to build quality of our products. We can bring to life even the most demanding projects.

Countries worldwide

Our products are available all around the world. We are providing global technical support for our customers.

Machines already manufactured.

Check out the gallery below to learn more about our mobile constructions.

This project is on hold

Due to the huge interest in our other industries, we had to hold Power-MOVEit.tech until further notice.

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