Off-grid power generation.

Nov 22, 2019 | Offtopic

As the name suggests, mobile solar containers are temporarily delivering power in many locations, even during one day. Every unit generates electricity from PV’s thus doesn’t rely on fuel delivery. Perfect solution in equatorial areas where it can achieve the highest performance.

Solar power system for multiple off-grid applications.

Multipurpose off-grid containers are available in many configurations. For instance, our offer consists of two units, self-loading and manual. We are installing PV’s frames inside of standard ISO containers. Therefore you can easily ship them into any location you choose to. These rugged, easy-to-ship units are ideally suited for remote locations like rural clinics, temporary workshops, military camps and disaster reliefs. Currently, the maximum power output of SUNBOX 35A is 13,5 kWp. At this point we are installing Solar Bruk-Bet 370Wp monocrystalline modules on our containers. Frame design allows for quick and easy upgrade in the future. We are building our off-grid containers according to customer specific requirements. In conclusion, we can point out some of many applications:

  • Irrigation
  • Military camps
  • Disaster reliefs
  • Refrigeration
  • Water purification and more